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Cruise Nite: Be Safe, Be Smart KEARNEY – Kearney-area community coalition, Positive Pressure is working proactively with community partners on a campaign aimed to increase “safe and smart” behavior during Kearney’s largest community event, Cruise Nite. This year will mark the 27th annual Cruise Nite.

While the event itself is great for the Kearney area and provides a plethora of family-friendly events, the post-Cruise Nite parties have grown larger and more violent over the years. Positive Pressure is partnering with the Kearney Police Department; Century 21 and property managers, landlords, and homeowners on 22nd-26th streets; UNK; alcohol retailers; and others to work towards building a better Cruise Nite. Read about some of the work we’re doing to make Cruise Nite safer here. Continue reading

Re-Posted: from a KearneyHUB story, Wednesday, January 14, 2015
By ASHLEY WHITE Hub Staff Writer

KEARNEY — A change in Kearney city code will give law enforcement one more tool to curb after-Cruise Nite activities.

At its regular meeting Tuesday, the Kearney City Council voted 5-0 to amend city code to make it illegal to not only consume, but also to possess an open container of alcohol in city right of way or on public property. The amendment also makes it illegal to consume or possess alcohol on a public sidewalk.

The new code amendment will apply only to open, unsealed containers of alcohol, Police Chief Dan Lynch said at the council meeting. It will not, for example, apply to someone who purchases liquor at a store and then walks it to their vehicle. People can still consume alcohol in their private yards or driveways, Lynch said.

“A person who might have purchased alcohol and is trying to get it from the street to their home, this doesn’t affect them,” he said. “In your yard, in your driveway, in your back yard, whatever property is yours to control, you’re more than welcome to imbibe if that’s what you choose to do.”

The new amendment also will not apply to restaurants that have a license to serve alcohol outside.

Lynch said that the code amendment will help law enforcement handle after-Cruise Nite activities and other large events.

“As a response to (those events), you enacted a consumption ordinance, which has helped in some ways, but it’s still limiting,” Lynch said. “It still requires the officers to observe someone actually consuming something that’s found to be an alcoholic beverage. This, we feel, would give us tools to deal with things before they get out of hand. We have no intention of using this for any other reason than to try to address those issues that are given to us at these gatherings.”

Last year, the Kearney Police Department reported 145 arrests and citations during the Cruise Nite weekend, including 45 minor-in-possession offenses.

Violation of the new code amendment will be a misdemeanor. The change was effective Jan. 28, 2015.

From a letter to the editor at the
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Brad Kernick, Kearney | Letter to the Editor

Brad Kernick, president of Nebraska Auto Club’s Cruise Nite steering committee

Brad Kernick, president of Nebraska Auto Club’s Cruise Nite steering committee

As we wrapped up another great year, Central Nebraska Auto Club made some meaningful end-of-year donations. As we have done in the past, we made donations to many of the charitable organizations in Kearney and the area.

This year we were able to make donations of more than $8,500 with funds that are primarily raised with our Cruise Nite activities. We supported many of the main organizations such as United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Make A Wish, Jubilee Center, Kearney Community Theatre, Merryman Performing Arts Center, Kearney Area Animal Shelter, Alia Aram Children’s Museum, and several others. Kearney is a great community and we are grateful for the support that the community gives to our events in July.

We are already planning for this year’s Cruise Nite, which will be July 15-19. Thanks, and Happy New Year from the Central Nebraska Auto Club.

Brad Kernick, Kearney

‘Be Safe, Be Smart’ campaign targets Cruise Nite

Buffalo County Community Partners leads coalition

KEARNEY – A Kearney-area community coalition has developed a proactive campaign aimed to increase “safe and smart” behavior during Kearney’s largest community event, Cruise Nite.

Scheduled to take place July 16-20, this community event, with a 27-year history, brings tens of thousands of visitors and Kearney residents to downtown Kearney, all focused on watching classic cars.

be-safe_be-smartThe coalition is focusing on making Cruise Nite and all its associated activities throughout Kearney enjoyable and safe for everyone. Centered around a theme “Be Safe, Be Smart,” the awareness campaign seeks to bring attention to positive behaviors and activities for the event to encourage good decision-making among festival-goers.

The campaign will start small its first year with the introduction of the theme, a logo, and initial education strategies, said Brad Kernick, chair of the Cruise Nite committee and the Central Nebraska Auto Club. The coalition will continue to build year to year and add activities to influence positive behaviors and encourage a “culture shift” toward a safer Cruise Nite atmosphere. Continue reading

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